Meet Kamara

I have a resolute commitment to principles that presuppose a sense of proportion in physical, mental, and moral development that have guided me throughout my career.

I have a vast knowledge in educational management, information technology, IT operational risks, information security, and computer forensics. At the core of these principles, it lies a firm believe that education and economic are the cornerstone upon which civilization is formed.

Economy and jobs spur the spirit of growth and sustain livelihood which is the driving force for our state’s job creation. This includes reform the overly complicate and burden tax codes, which stifle job creation, and to reduce the highest tax rates for the states. Massachusetts can support job creation by reducing government regulations, expanding American energy production by  encouraging innovation. We can take important steps to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and increase our supply by developing our domestic sources that include solar energy.

We must protect education by investing in our children’s future and preparing to compete in the global market. However, the federal role in education, while important, should be limited. Decision on how to educate our children are best left to state and local officials – and most importantly – parents.

Reforming healthcare is an important priority, but we must be focused on market driven, patient-centered solutions aim at addressing the real problems – not expanding the size and scope of the federal government. I look forward to working on constitutionally sound reforms in order to address access, cost, litigation, and burdensome regulations.

No nation on earth is more generous when it comes to immigration than America.  We need a sensible immigration policy that must be the impediment to equal opportunity that is widely shared in prosperity. The right immigration system and policy are one of the most critical components of economic growth.  Our current system not only damaging our economy, it is also degrading the strength of family values. Rather than having the benefits of merit base legal immigration, we have massive pieces of legislation fill with loopholes or unintended consequence which make it harder to achieve. The only way we are going to break this impasse and make progress in this issue is – to take steps with enforcement measures that are effective and verifiable; and modernizing system toward merit-base, skill-base, and uniting the values of family-based immigration system.